Otis Griffin

Otis Griffin 19-6-2(7) - Super Middleweight

Otis is a fighter who recently joined the Talon Managment Team, he is the former NABO champion and was the winner of the reality show, Oscar De La Hoya's next great champ.  Otis has had a tough time as of late, firstly taking a late notice fight with Danny Green in Australia and was defeated by a home town stopped, when being hit cleany on the back of the head twice and given standng counts, then was bundled to the canvas and the fight ended on the three knockdown rule.  He then boiled himself down to 165lb to take on fellow reality show star, Jesse Brinkley, he was stopped in the 11th round then rushed to hospital due to being s drained of sodium and potassium he was on the verge of a heart attack.  He then pulled back with a win over journeyman Carl Cockerham, before travelling out to Germany to face cruiserweight Enad Licina, and after out boxing Licina for 2 ad a half rounds, became a little over confident and was knocked down.  He rose unhurt but was bundled bck to the canvas and the referee jumped in with a rather premature stoppage.  Griffin then teamed up with Talon Boxing, and was given a big first fight with Jeff Lacy the former IBF champion, many may have believed that this was a mistake from Griffin and the team taking the fight.  However it was one that Otis and the team felt he could win, Griffin went over to Florida to fight in the wolf's den, and was cruelly robbed after putting on a career best performance, winning 8 out of the 10 rounds in many people's eyes.  Griffin then went to Minesota to take on unbeaten prospect Marcus Oliveria, unfortunatly things didn't go to plan as Griffin started well but a laps of concentration saw Griffin knocked out by a perfectly timed uppercut.

Age - 31
Record - 19-6-2 (7)
Titles - NABO
Major Wins - Mike Nevitt
Major Losses - Jeff Lacy, Marcus Oliveria, Danny Green, Enad Licina, Jesse Brinkley

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